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Warhorse (with Captions)

I went to the theater on Friday night. It wasn’t the first time, but it was the first time I had seen a captioned show at the Kennedy Center.  I saw Warhorse, and although I knew the story pretty well, the captioning definitely helped!

The captions were red on a black screen so they were easily visible from probably most  locations in the Opera House (although there are surely some that are better than others), so even though I was sitting in the wheelchair section in the middle of the Opera House, I was able to see the captions pretty well. It may have been slightly different if I knew nothing of the story, because I would have had to turn my head to the right to see  the captions and then back to the left to see the action. It would have been like a tennis match and my neck would have been sore by intermission! There is a section where people can sit that puts the captioning right in front of the action on stage; I’ll have to try sitting there sometime. However, this time we bought tickets late and the section that is best for captioning was sold out.

All in all though, the show was great, the captioning was great, and I’m looking forward to trying it again!


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JAN’s Webcast Series

The JAN Monthly Webcast Series will focus on accommodation solutions and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With guest speakers peppered throughout the year, JAN experts will present one-hour trainings on accommodations for veterans, executive functioning, and those who use mobility devices; mobile devices as accommodations; current events in accommodation; self-employment strategies; and the employment provisions of the ADA. >> Register for JAN’s 2012/2013 Monthly Webcast Series.

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Wait…What? An Election Happens Next Week?

In case you hadn’t heard (and that would be difficult to believe!), the Presidential election is on Tuesday, November 6. It is a contest between the Democrat-incumbent, President Barack Obama and the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. There will, most likely, also be some elections for your locale, like House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, state or county leadership positions, bond issues, to name a few possibilities.

Information about voting in Virginia can be found at

Information about where you can vote in other states is available at

As Justin Dart said, “Vote as if your life depends on it — because it does.”

Tony Trott, Peer Mentor

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