Healthy Living for Protecting Hearing

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HearingAs a person ages the natural aging process impacts the body in numerous ways. Individuals who have not followed a healthy lifestyle, one that includes exercise and proper eating, may experience muscle and joint problems. Weight gain may also become a problem as the body’s systems age. Discomfort with normal body movements may develop and water retention may become a problem.

In addition to the effects the natural aging process has on muscles, joints and weight maintenance, the senses are also affected, specifically, hearing. Hearing may decrease to the point of needing a hearing device such as a hearing aid. But just as an individual is able to make healthy changes to his or her diet and increase regular exercise to improve the condition of the joints, to build muscles and to manage weight, an individual is able to take steps in protecting his or her hearing so that the progression of hearing loss is interrupted.

Environmental Noises

Individuals need to be aware of the environmental noises they are exposed to daily. For those working in loud environments such as construction workers, factory workers, mason workers or those who work in a loud establishment, ear plugs should be used as a regular precaution and preventive measure to protect hearing. Ear plugs can be purchased at any pharmacy at a low cost.

The Use of Headphones

Listening to music with headphones greatly increases the chances that hearing loss will be progressive. This is especially true if the volume is set so high that outside noises cannot be heard. Not using headphones is the best action an individual can take to stop this contributory factor that aids in hearing loss. If this is not possible, when listening to music with headphones, a person can be sure the volume is set to a safe level if the sounds of the environment can still be heard (such as people talking or cars passing).

These are two preventive measures individuals can take to prevent hearing loss. They are easy to apply and require little effort that returns huge rewards in maintaining hearing and preventing further hearing loss.

When Hearing Loss Interferes with Daily Activities  

If hearing loss has progressed to a point where having a conversation in a quiet setting is difficult, consulting a doctor for hearing tests is recommended. With the assistance of a professional, he or she can advise a person with hearing loss on the best course of action.

If it is determined that a hearing aid is needed, be informed and knowledgeable. In following the tips above you will be able to help protect your hearing in the long run.

John O’Connor – Guest Blogger


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