The NewWell Fund

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There are likely some Virginians with disabilities who could use a low-interest loan for assistive technology. Fortunately, there’s a program that provides them!

The NewWell Fund is a low-interest loan program that assists Virginians with disabilities to get the assistive technology they need; they also provide Telework loans for individuals working from home who need equipment for their business. Loans can be made to the person with a disability or to a family member.

While not an entitlement (meaning, not every eligible applicant will be able to get a loan), when the NewWell Fund reviews a case, credit issues related to one’s disability are overlooked and that can be a very big deal.

It means that if you had defaulted on a loan because of a disability, that would not be counted against you. NewWell loans may be used for home modifications, automobiles, Durable Medical Equipment (for example, a new wheelchair), and other types of technology that can be used to overcome some aspect of a disability (for example, hearing or vision aids, augmentative communication devices, prosthetics, et al.).

If this program sounds like something you might benefit from, ECNV encourages you to contact the NewWell Fund.

NewWell Fund
1602 Rolling Hills Drive, Suite 107
ichmond, VA 23229
Tel: (804) 662-9000 or (866) 835-5976
Fax: (804) 662-9533

Article from the ECNV Declaration (Winter 2012 Edition)


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