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I strongly encourage each of you to surf to www.purple.us or find Purple Communications on Facebook. Corey Axelrod continues his great commentary on Switched at Birth (Marlee Matlin’s show on ABC Family) and you can leave your comments on the last television episode, “Why is there a need to lash out at hearing people”? However, Corey says it is only until the show runs. We would love to read your comments.

Each Deaf/Hard of Hearing person has a different experience or reaction with hearing people. I grew up with a Deaf mother and a Hard of Hearing father. They both had many hearing friends. They encouraged me to get along with everyone whether they are hearing or Deaf. My father spoke fluently and got along with hearing people famously and my mother grew up with many close hearing friends in her neighborhood and stayed friends until she passed away. I never felt “different.”

I am the only Deaf employee at ECNV and everyone knows some sign language. I do not feel isolated or left out.

One time, a Deaf young professional whose parents are Deaf came here for a meeting with other Deaf professionals who provide services to Deaf/Hard of Hearing persons in Northern Virginia. Anyway, that lady asked if I was the only Deaf employee here and I replied “Yes” with a very positive look. She looked shocked and admitted that she refused to work with people unless they are Deaf. I was, of course, very stunned, but I explained that my parents always had hearing friends. Even to this day, I still have hearing friends and I owe my thanks to my beloved parents.

Of course, Deaf/Hard of Hearing people prefer to be grouped with other Deaf people because of communication accessible. Most are tired of communication barriers. I have learned how to overcome my deafness and advocate by educating the wider society about our culture. If we do not educate them, they will not understand our culture.

By Doreen Solar, ECNV Deaf Outreach Coordinator


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