Wanted! Candidates for ECNV’s Dynamic Governing Board Members

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Wanted!  Candidates for ECNV's Dynamic Governing Board Members

We’re in need of dynamic new governing board members who have the time and energy to devote to playing a leadership role in ECNV’s efforts to promote the civil rights and full inclusion of people with disabilities.  Please send David Burds at davidb@ecnv.org contact information for new potential ECNV governing board members by November 11th. 

Roles and Duties of an ECNV Board Member

The role of an ECNV Board member is to: be an ambassador of the agency; act as a liaison between ECNV and the public; and provide direction to the Executive Director through policies, strategic planning, and the budget. 

The duties of a Board member include: (in no particular order)

  • Expected to attend scheduled board meetings
  • Act as liaison with the disability community and public
    • Listen to needs of disability community and share information with ECNV
    • Share information with the public about what the agency is doing
  •  Meet fiduciary responsibilities
    • Develop and approve budget
    • Monitor agency finances
    • Assure compliance with federal and state regulations and other funding requirements
    • Bring in Resources 
  • Develop Strategic Plan
    • Focus agency resources and activities
    • Present a shared vision of the organization’s future  
  • Hire, Evaluate and Support the Executive Director
    • Stay aware with the work of the agency
    • Inquire as to how you can support this work 
  • Review and evaluate agency operations
    • Assure programs fall within statutory mandates
    • Fill Board vacancies  
  • Monitor progress on agency goals
    • Ensure spending matches goals 
  • Develop by-laws
    • Establish operating procedures and mission for agency and Board
    • Identify the powers of the Board
    • Determine process for amending the by-laws

 EDGAR 34 CFR 366.63(a)

  • Federal Requirements of a CIL Board Member
    • Individuals with significant disabilities constitute more than 50% of the Governing Board

Onsite Review Guide

Compliance Indicator I – Philosophy

Consumer Control

  1. Individuals with significant disabilities constitute more than 50% of the Governing Board.
  2. Number of different disabilities groups (physical, mental, cognitive, sensory, multiple) represented by members of the governing board.
  3. Number of members from minority groups on the governing board.
  4. The CIL has a process for nominating and electing Board members.
  5. The nominating and/or election process for Board members provides for participation by consumers of CIL services.

CIL Board is the Principle Decision-Making Body

  1. The Bylaws or other documents of practices of the CIL ensure that policy decisions are vested with the Governing Body.
  2.  The CIL has policies and procedures for Board members, which specify roles and responsibilities.
  3.  The Governing Board is the principal governing body of the CIL.

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