ADAPT Olmstead Press Release

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Institutionalization still continues today and we must fight to save all of our brothers and sisters. How many more tragic and heart-wrenching stories like “A Disabled Boy’s Death, and a System in Disarray” from the New York Times do we need to hear?




June 21, 2011


Mike Oxford, 785-224-3865
Bruce Darling, 585-370-6690
Bob Kafka, 512-431-4085

ADAPT Calls on Washington and the States to Endorse Real Medicaid Reform that Protects the Civil Rights of Seniors and People with Disabilities

June 22nd is the anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Olmstead, which applied the integration mandate of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to long term services and supports. In that decision, the Supreme Court affirmed that people with disabilities have a civil right to live in the community in the most integrated setting.

Twelve years later, members of Congress and state governments are trying to de-fund that right by cutting Medicaid and giving states “flexibility” to cut programs that assist people with disabilities and seniors to live in their own homes and communities.

In response to these harmful federal proposals, ADAPT is launching a campaign for real Medicaid reform that protects people’s liberty in every state of the country.

Over the next few months, ADAPT and other disability organizations are mobilizing their members to visit their Congressional and state representatives and organize events in Washington DC and every state.

“We need to remind these federal and state policy makers that de-funding Medicaid de-funds our freedom and that is not acceptable,” said Rahnee Patrick, ADAPT Organizer from Chicago.

While Congressional Democrats have vowed to protect seniors and nursing facilities, their current proposals also cut vital home and community-based services that allow seniors and people with disabilities to stay in their own homes.

“Congress and state governments need to recognize that the freedom of Americans with disabilities and seniors is a civil rights ‘entitlement’ that they shouldn’t eliminate or diminish,” said Bruce Darling, ADAPT Organizer from Rochester, NY.

The campaign will be highlighted with a rally in Washington DC on Capital Hill, Wednesday September 21st.

ADAPT and the other campaign organizers are urging disability, senior and civil rights organizations in every state to hold their own events this summer and immediately begin working to bring people with disabilities and older Americans to our nation’s capital in September.

For more information on the rally, go to ADAPT’s website at .


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