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David BurdsFrequently ECNV wants to update its membership on what is happening in our community; be it legislative issues, upcoming events, reminders of other issues related to ECNV and you, etc.

ECNV has been keeping a mailing list of people for years although many are not paid ECNV members, and we will continue to do so. But for 2/3 of this mailing list, we do not have email addresses and would like to have everyone’s in order to send notices and updates. Likewise, we are asking you if you’d prefer to receive The ECNV Declaration by email or continue to receive it in hard copy.

ECNV’s website,, is kept current with information, but we realize that not everyone is able to look at the site regularly. Our website keeps a very up-to-date account of events and now contains an ECNV blog, Vlog, Twitter account, Youtube updates, (we are planning to utilize Facebook once we are able to make our account accessible to those who are blind/low vision).

We want to make sure you have full access to what is happening at ECNV and the disability community, and by us having your email address I’m sure you’ll find timely notices and reminders to be most helpful. Please take a minute to email us your address and simply answer the questions on the following article.

By David Burds, ECNV Executive Director
Article from the ECNV Declaration (Spring 2011 Edition)

Your Email Address Wanted!

Have you booted your computer today?We’d like to begin sending out the monthly Calendar of Events and the quarterly Newsletter in electronic formats, but we will maintain our US Postal mailing list and only begin to send you electronic versions if you tell us that that is OK to do.

Almost everyone has an email address where they could receive attachments, but not everyone. We respect the idea that email is not for everyone. But if you have one, please contact and tell us if you want to receive information in electronic format, US Mail, or both.

The important thing is that we get your email so we can keep you updated you on important issues. Also, emailing helps save the environment and it helps ECNV save some money too! Which is always a good thing.

Article from the ECNV Declaration (Spring 2011 Edition)


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