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Del. Bulova and ECNV StaffOn February 2nd, 2011, staff, participants, and friends of the ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia (ECNV) joined the Virginia Association of Centers for Independent Living (VACIL), many staff members of different Centers for Independent Living (CILs) from around Virginia, and others at the General Assembly in Richmond to advocate for amending the FY 2011 budget to protect services that are essential to many people with disabilities.

VACIL had laid out a list of priorities and they were:

  • Reduce waiting lists for the Medicaid Developmental Disabilities Waiver and Intellectual Disabilities Waiver. 
  • Restore funding to be able to continue Medicaid assistive technology and environmental services. Restore funding for Medicaid respite services to maintain it at 720 hours.
  • Restore funding for Medicaid Waiver provider rates to avoid a 5% cut in rates.
  • Restore funding for independent living services to avoid a 10% cut to Peer Mentoring, Independent Living Skills Training, Information and Referral and Advocacy services provided by CILs.
  • Fund Dept. of Rehab. Services Personal Assistance Services for 23 adults with disabilities who are working and are on the waiting list for services.
  • Restore funding for the Consumer Services Fund to provide for technology needed by people with disabilities that is not available elsewhere.

At this point (early March), it is still not clear what the outcome of our advocacy will be. The budget that was submitted by the General Assembly had amendments that can be summarized as follows:

  • 150 new Developmentally Disabled Waiver slots were added.
  • Assistive technology and environmental modifications funds for home and community-based waiver recipients was restored with$5,000 cap.
  • Personal Care hours were capped at 56 per week.
    Respite Care hours were restored (partially) to 480 hours per year.
    Waiver provider rates were restored partially – there will be a 1% cut effective July 1, 2011.
  • CILs will have 30% of anticipated cuts restored.

Del. Hope and ECNV StaffSo it doesn’t seem that all of VACIL’s priorities will be addressed, but, it is too early to tell for sure. The Governor will consider the budget as passed by the General Assembly, and the General Assembly will reconvene on April 6th to consider any amendments proposed by the Governor and/or vetoes to the legislation that they passed in February.

These amendments would not even be here at all if people with disabilities, organizations (like ECNV and the other CILs from around Virginia), and other advocates had not stood up and made their voices heard! Good job, everyone.

* First image: Del. Bulova listening to the ECNV Board President Matt Barkley and Staff Member Doris Ray
* Sencond image: Del. Hope and ECNV Staff

Article from the ECNV Declaration (Spring 2011 Edition)


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