My Cochlear Implant (Part 4)-Goldilocks and the Three Tones

March 10, 2011 at 8:09 pm Leave a comment

Tony and ECNV Executive Director David BurdsI had an appointment at the Listening Center at Johns Hopkins on March 4. After my surgery, in October, the longest break I had had (between trips to Johns Hopkins) was about one month; so two months felt like an eternity! I was getting used to seeing an audiologist at least once a month and maybe more than that.

My appointment at Johns Hopkins was at 11:00, and the drive up there was uneventful (the Baltimore-Washington Parkway is much more pleasant than I95!) and we arrived with plenty of time to get checked in. We were only in the waiting area a few minutes when an audiologist I didn’t know showed up and said my usual audiologist was sick, but that she’d be filling in.

I figured that sometimes a second set of eyes can be beneficial and that many of the changes that we’d make rely on my reactions to sounds, so working with a different audiologist than normal would not cause a train wreck.

We did some testing in a soundproof room: the ‘click the button when you hear a tone’ kind of test followed by a ‘repeat recorded sentences’ test; then we did some more testing in the audiologists office. They were the standard types of tests you get with a hearing device that is hooked up to a computer: listening to a sound and telling the audiologist when it is too soft, too loud, or comfortable. Those types of tests always make me think of the Goldilocks Fairy Tale: too hard, too soft, or just right!

Anyway, the testing went well and the good news was that my discrimination had increased to 26%. The audiologists I work with all seem to think that I am really showing significant improvement in a short time so I feel good about that! My next appointment is scheduled for June 9.

By Tony Trott, ECNV Peer Mentor & Editor


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