Old Myths of Lip-reading

March 4, 2011 at 12:00 am Leave a comment

Today, we are talking about lip-reading and speech.

The old myths of lip-reading are still here today.

  1. Lip-reading plus speech makes a deaf person smart, or intelligent. WRONG!
  2. Lip-reading plus speech makes a deaf person “fit right into the hearing (i.e., non-deaf) world.” WRONG!
  3. Doctors, teachers, parents, social workers, etc., don’t need training to talk to deaf people. Wrong again!

Finally, lip-reading plus speech will help improve a deaf person’s written English. That’s right…….Wrong!

Lip-reading problems: (where the speaker might…)

• Talk too softly
• Talk too slowly
• Talk too loudly
• Talk with exaggeration
• Talk too fast
• Talk while turning face away
• Talk with mustache/facial hair
• Talk with a hand over the mouth or on the side of the face
• Talk and move back and forth at the same time
• Talk in long sentences
• Use big or unusual words
• Talk with braces on
• Talk with deformed mouth or lips
• Talk with an accent
• Talk with head down or looking away
• Talk with buck teeth

The best lip readers (5% of the population) only understand about 40% (or less!). The deaf lip-reader has to guess the rest of the words and could be wrong.

I want to thank Holly Roth for giving me the materials.

By Doreen Solar, ECNV Deaf & HoH Peer Mentor


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