Can See Birds Fly…

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Doreen SolarI would like to share this poem with my readers. It was written by my friend Holly’s mother when she was very young. It really represents for all deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Enjoy reading and please write your comments. It is nice for the readers to see the different meanings, perspectives and opinions you express in your own words.

By ECNV Deaf Peer Mentor Doreen Solar

I know you hear no song of birds,
But you can see them soar
and you enjoy the ocean’s surf,
although you do not hear its roar.

It’s true there’s lots in life you miss;
there’s much you cannot hear-
the siren’s wail, a baby’s cry-
but you can see the tears.

You love the change of seasons;
you revel in the snow.
You hear no rumbling thunder,
But you see the star lights glow.

It’s true you do not have to hear
to laugh, to cry, to play,
to find something of wonder
in each and every day.

And so my dear, when at your prayer,
Say not, “Dear Lord, why me?”
Instead remember to give thanks
to God, that you can see.

Written by Alice N. Moos Lakeland


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