Disability Etiquette – Communicating with Deaf/HoH individuals

April 29, 2010 at 2:34 pm Leave a comment

Woman's eyesMany hearing people are afraid to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing individuals because they do not know how to do it. Here is a little suggestion to help you have more confidence when doing so.

It is ok for you to tap (gently) deaf and hard of hearing people on the shoulder to get their attention, but make sure to give them eye contact first before you start your conversation. They would feel offended if you look away. It is not like when you speak to hearing people because deaf and hard of hearing people need to rely on facial expression and body language. They can not hear your tone of voice and need to follow the mood of the conversation through those expressions and body language.

Also, when you are with deaf or hard of hearing children, you need to make sure that you have eye level with them. While my son was little, I often kneeled down on the floor with him to communicate. It made him feel that even though he was hard of hearing, he was worthy of efforts to communicate with him.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further questions. I will be happy to answer them.

By Doreen Solar, ECNV Deaf Peer Mentor


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504 of the Rehabilitation Act ADA Youth Poster Contest 2010

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